It seems that almost every VR game has an archery mechanic. And, to be fair, it is not in vain. Virtual shooting just feels great in VR space. But VRcue is sure that everything could be improved several times using Vive tracking.

VR developer Lluís García Lamora recently shared a video that is presented below. It offers a look at the R & D project for Visyon 360 – a company that specializes in location-based VR experiences. This is a fairly simple concept. the player holds a real bow in his hands using the Vive tracker. Released in 2017, the tracker is essentially a VR-puck with SteamVR sensors. It is used to replicate real objects in the virtual world. In VR, real bow movements are mirrored on the virtual.

At the moment, the VR element is a simple shooting gallery. The goal, according to Lamora, was to develop something that offered realistic tactile feedback for archery in VR. However, it is worth remembering that you can not feel any resistance when you delay the virtual auntie. This can make it harder to see how far the arrow will go when you release it.

Most likely, it is intended for another location-based experience. It is likely that such a mechanic will look very good in games such as Apex Construct and Twisted Arrow.

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How does Vive tracking allow you to realistically aim with a bow?

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