GDC 2019: Left-4-Dead developers introduce VR Adventure in the style of "Zelda"

The GDC 2019 is about to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the VR industry. So Nate Mitchell promises not only some surprises, but speaks of a promising year for the entire VR technology. In addition to Oculus Quest and other hardware innovations, however, the software is also the focus of the event. In this sense, the co-founder of Oculus teasts us an interesting VR title of developer studio Turtle Rock Studios (known for Left 4 Dead), because the VR adventure is to remember the early Zelda parts.

GDC 2019 – Turtle Rock Studios working on new VR adventure in the style of “The Legend of Zelda”

Experience the world of The Legend of Zelda immersive in VR and explore a virtual Hyrule with Link. A wish many fans of the Zelda series cherish in their hearts. Whether we’re ever going to enjoy a VR adaptation from Zelda is unanswered, but a replacement for it could soon await us at the upcoming GDC 2019. Developer studio Turtle Rock Studios is supposed to present a new VR adventure in the style of the iconic video game series.

This is announced by Nate Mitchell in a post on the official Oculus blog. There he writes about his experiences with the upcoming VR titles, which will be presented at the Game Devoloper Conference in March. According to his own statements, the VR title puts him in a nostalgic mood and has strong parallels to the first Zelda parts:

“I’ve spent some time with the games that we’re bringing to the GDC and PAX East. These include the latest release from Turtle Rock Studios. It reminds me of my childhood when I played Zelda back then. It brought me a sense of awe and wonder, as you can experience it only in such a gigantic adventure. ”

Further information on the upcoming VR adventure has not yet been released. Equally unknown is whether the game for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest or both platforms should appear.

In addition to Left 4 Dead, the development studio has already gained a lot of experience in the development of VR titles. For example, the devs are already publishing the VR experience Face Your Fears and Blade Runner: Replicant Pursuit. Incidentally, the successor to the scary experience is to appear for the Oculus Quest.

The GDC 2019 will take place from 18 to 23 March 2019 in San Francisco.

GDC 2019: Left-4-Dead developers introduce VR Adventure in the style of "Zelda"

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