Today, Rovio and Resolution Gamse officially announce two completely new versions of Angry Birds for AR and VR devices. Currently you can play Angry Birds on Magic Leap One, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and now an exciting adaptation of one of the most favorite mobile games of all time comes on three platforms: Windows VR, PSVR and iOS devices with ARKit support.

The release is divided into three parts: starting today, the Steam version of Angry Birds will automatically receive support for the Windows VR headset, as well as 13 new levels that will appear very soon in a few days with a new island and a new boss.

Then next week, March 26, when the PSVR version of the game becomes available, it should include all the same content as the version of the PC-based game VR. It will probably cost the same – $ 14.99.

Finally, later this spring, Angry Birds also debuts on iOS mobile devices with ARKit support, expanding its AR range from Magic Leap One. In particular, these are iPhone 6, later versions and all iPad Pro models, as well as 5th and 6th generation iPad devices. In this version there will be at least 40 levels at launch, plus the ability to completely bypass each level with a full 360-degree view. You can pre-order the iOS version of Angry Birds AR, starting today, right now in the App Store.

Finally, the details of another new release of the game with high resolution, but not in partnership with Rovio, became known. Instead, the project will be a completely new game from Magic Leap One, built as part of the program by the independent developer Magic Leap. According to the Resolution Games press release, the game is:

“… built from scratch for the AR-helmet and will be devoted to the mystery that players must reveal. Gamers will unlock puzzles that require interaction with characters and the environment, where the mystery takes a form that turns out to be a diorama. The puzzle is unraveled right in front of the players’ eyes with turns that enliven with the help of augmented reality. ”

VRcue hopes that we will be very soon on this new AR-game.

GDC 2019: Angry Birds will officially come to PSVR and iOS ARKit very soon

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