Do you know these incredible videos, full of dominoes, balls, levers and rails, which are ideally combined with each other, creating a symphony of movement and reaction? They are called Ruba Goldberg machines, and Gadgeteer allows you to create them in VR with unsurpassed interactivity.

The closest thing we saw in the game, such as Gadgeteer in VR, until now was either Fantastic Contraption or Bounce. But none of them allows you to create things of this scale. The depth level here is incredible.

According to an email from Peter Cao, co-founder and CEO of Metanaut Developer:

“Gadgeteer-physics-based VR puzzle game in which you build and use gadgets to launch, push, twist and rotate — creating chain reactions that can even eventually break the fabric of space-time. This is a game that is designed for players who like to build, VR newbies and people who want: replayability, depth, and well-designed design. ”

Gadgeteer also includes a wide range of game modes, so this is not just a puzzle. There is a story mode with 60 different physical puzzles to solve, which follows the plot of a mad scientist and his daughter, as well as a sandbox mode for creating your dream machine with supposedly zero limits. For this game offers you 50 unique gadgets, so you can try yourself.

Gadgeteer will be available on SteamVR with HTC Vive support on April 23 and in the next few weeks Oculus Rift will be added, as well as Index and Oculus Quest in the future. You can learn more about Gadgeteer on the official game page on Steam.

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Gadgeteer is the ideal Rube Goldberg virtual machine.

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