Developer studio Cyan Worlds (known for Myst, Riven and Obduction) announced just a year ago the VR Steampunk adventure firmament with a profound story. But for the final implementation of the VR title the studio lacks the monetary resources, which is why the responsible persons now turn to their fans for financing via Kickstarter campaign.

Firmament – Kickstarter Campaign for VR Steampunk Adventure Launched

With Firmament, Cyan Worlds is planning his new adventure, which will follow in the footsteps of iconic video game titles such as Myst, Riven and Obduction as a spiritual successor.

Instead, players are transported into an icy steampunk environment filled with giant machines and huge metallic towers. Using a mechanical owl to guide and guide you, you will cross the immersive game world to embark on a dangerous adventure and fulfill your destiny. Only during your journey should the hidden secrets of the attractive world truly reveal themselves.

The responsible developers still keep more detailed information on the story covered, but promise in combination with VR technology to enable a new level of storytelling. A promise that you can dismiss the experienced developers, if you look at previous publications. In addition, the game should contain exciting puzzle and exploration elements as well as graphically impressive environments and locations.

Image courtesy: Cyan Worlds | via: Firmament Kickstarter

The interaction with the companion should take place by hand movements, whereby the mechanical companion initially understands only rudimentary, but also develops with you as well. For musical accompaniment Russell Brower, known for his compositions for World of Warcraft, was brought into the team.

Firmament cyan Games Kickstarter

via: Firmament Kickstarter

However, a release in the young VR market is always associated with a high risk, which is why the devs now turn to his fans to raise funds to finance the ambitious project. For this Cyan published a Kickstarter campaign, in which a total of nearly 1.3 million US dollars to be collected. A proud sum, from which one eighth was financed so far.

If you want to support Firmament, you can do it here on Kickstarter. As a reward, in addition to a few goodies, a special campaign as DLC, which is exclusively made available to the supporters. Should enough money be collected in the next 30 days, the release of the VR title 2020 should follow. For which VR glasses the VR adventure is to be published is not yet known.

Firmament: Cyan Worlds launches Kickstarter campaign to realize the VR project

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