February Steam survey: the gap between the Rift and Vive is getting bigger

Oculus Rift continued to widen the gap with HTC Vive headsets in the latest Steam equipment survey results.

Last month, Rift outperformed Vive and Vive Pro by 2.82%. Data was taken from April 2018 to December 2018. This month (April 2018 – January 2019) this number increased to 3.81%. Rift now dominates 47.03% (from 46.45%), and Vive takes 40.62% (the percentage fell from 40.82%). Vive Pro, meanwhile, is at 2.6% (compared to 2.81%). This is not too surprising statistics. At the beginning of the year, Oculus lowered the Rift price to $ 349. It is very likely that this shift has helped boost headset sales.

But Vive has remained calm since January. Only at CES announced two new headsets – HTC Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro Eye. Both will be available this year, so we will look forward to the impact they have on sales of Steam equipment. The same goes for rumors about the Oculus Rift S.

There is also a very slight increase in the number of users of Windows VR headsets. Now this range is 8.94% (compared to 8.89%). Will Microsoft be able to cross the 10% threshold in the coming months?

To summarize, 0.79% of VR Steam users are still running Oculus Rift Dk2. A tiny 0.01% share also falls on the Huawei VR headset.

In terms of January statistics, Rift grew by 0.06%, Vive – by 0.04%, and Windows – by 0.01%. As usual, in small steps. An overview of the Steam hardware shows us the total share of the distribution of VR headsets between people.

This survey is not a definitive means to tell which VR headset actually leads in sales. Neither Oculus nor HTC shared the official sales figures for their headsets.

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February Steam survey: the gap between the Rift and Vive is getting bigger

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