With Driveclub VR, Sony released one of the first ever PlayStation VR (PSVR) racing games in 2013. Now the nostalgic VR simulation from the digital shelves of the PlayStation Store is to give way. On August 31, the VR title will be officially removed from the store. The servers will then go offline in March 2020.

Driveclub VR – Support for VR simulation should be discontinued in 2020

Driveclub VR is considered a veteran of VR games and enabled as the first racing simulation in 2016, the entry into a virtual cockpit to deliver fast-paced races on the paved, virtual roads.

So the original game Driveclub was then re-launched as a VR adaptation and released simultaneously with the launch of the PlayStation VR (PSVR). Accordingly, well-known cars and tracks were mostly taken over, which did not detract from the fun. In contrast to the original, the VR title was quite convincing at the time, even though some players were struggling with nausea.

But an era is now coming to an end, because the VR racing game will disappear from the summer of 2019 from the digital PlayStation Store. In addition, the online support should be discontinued by March 2020. The reason for this should be licensing issues, as Paul Rustchynsky, former developer of Driveclub VR explains via Twitter.

To be clear the game, like most racing games, it is being delisted for licensing reasons. It’s standard practice across the industry for 5yr deals, so buy it before it’s gone forever.

– Paul Rustchynsky (@ Rushy33) March 31, 2019

According to the licenses of vehicles for racing games are usually purchased for five years. If these are then no longer extended, for example due to lack of profitability of the game, the game may no longer remain in the trade.

Only as a physical copy with single player elements, the title will then be distributed in the sales markets

Driveclub VR is removed from PlayStation Store; Online support will be discontinued by 2020

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