This refers not only to the many changing faces of the doctor, but also how these changes form his tone and feeling. And then, on a more molecular level, his ability to move from pompous, stupid sci-fi epics to horrific ghost stories. At the heart of the decade’s experience of the show, there is one unifying element – all this is a bit old-fashioned.

From crappy CGIs with a BBC budget and egg-shaped aliens to a strikingly far-fetched last-minute plot twist and heaps of techno-chatter. People love Doctor Who because it’s not Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings. This is their school adaptation that your children put on for the Christmas play.

This does not mean that this is a second-rate series. In fact, this is far from the case. The upcoming VR Maze Theory adventure has lush forests to explore, intuitive puzzles to solve, and plenty of fan service. Coming out of the Tardis, turning around and watching its physics, defying itself, you understand that this is really an amazing moment. Nevertheless, this all felt a strain of second-rate British humor.

It can be seen in Jody Whittaker’s peppy-sounding voice when you sneak through the spaceship halls or in the cream biscuit that is thrown from the Tardis console as you approach him. This is Doctor Who. Using the famous British quirk to distract from what you might have experienced elsewhere. The game gives the necessary sense of security, after passing through many terrible moments. For example, after meeting with the red-eyed aliens on the first level, who scurry around the fallen logs and around the rocks, always out of reach and just looking from afar in frightening silence.

The muffled screams and dull heartbeats used in your standard VR horror game are replaced by sound beats that remind you of how annoying these devil creatures can be and what an unpleasant sensation of persecution their constant presence creates. You will have to get used to such a neighborhood in order to move forward.

Also, the game can provide you with a great sight. For example, when you rush along the corridor, because the vacuum threatens to suck you into space. One need only stop once and look into the endless abyss. You will truly feel part of this vast universe.

However, there is a fear that all this is a bit like a sightseeing tour. But most of the interaction in Edge Of Time is not uniquely fun. In one of the tasks you have to rearrange the wires so that they match the drawings on the wall. It is fast, flexible and easy to complete, but tasks of this kind are found in almost any other VR puzzle.

The same applies to the intricate puzzle, which occurs a little later, where you are waiting for rotating lasers. You must pull the levers to align them correctly. Again, this is a perfectly acceptable activity, it just has already been implemented in other places. Faced with such an infinitely impossible universe as this, I want to hope for a little more. Despite the fact that from the point of view of the story, the game is doing well, the gameplay is felt a little secondarily.

However, an optimistic attitude should be maintained. The Edge Of Time trailers featured a gamut of villains, including the Daleks and the most memorable enemies, Weeping Angels. There is an original story and new monsters, but most of the Edge Of Time promises is to realize the most cherished dreams of fans.

Now everything looks as if the game will shine in some places and, possibly, sink in others (which, by the way, also describes almost every season of the series). For Doctor Who fans, however, Edge Of Time represents the first real chance to step into a world they have loved for nearly 60 years. Even if just looking at the Tardis brings a smile to your face, you will definitely get some fun.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will be available soon on PC VR, PSVR, and Oculus Quest.

Doctor Who: British classic in VR

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