In the program of the conference EDCRUNCH October 1-2

EdCrunch Talks Kids: Voice of Generation Z

Generation Z – the first children who grew up with gadgets in their hands. They live in the so-called digital world (from ‘physics’ + ‘digital’), where there are no borders between real and virtual. Technology does not just permeate their lives, they become an extension of themselves. At EDCRUNCH TALKS KIDS, children will talk about what they care about, how they see the future, who they will be, what they will ride, what to wear, what to eat and drink, where to live and what language to speak. Come listen to TED talks from those we constantly discuss, but rarely hear. The discussion will be coordinated by radio and television presenter Tutta Larsen, author of the subjective television TUTTA.TV.

VR in HR: how do technology affect employee happiness and performance?

Burnout is a pain for the employer. The classic symptoms – loss of interest, insomnia, increased stress levels – complement the constant need to use modern gadgets at work. This overloads employees who do not have time to adapt. You can send a person on vacation without gadgets or prohibit checking work mail from home, but there is a simpler way. On October 1, together with Svetlana Dragaeva (founder of VIRRY and CEO of Fountain Digital Labs) we will discuss how to take care of the staff and arrange a full-fledged digital detox using VR technologies.

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