Developer studio Roqovan closes its doors after nearly four years, thus withdrawing from the VR industry. The reason for the bankruptcy were insoluble problems with the VR title World War Toons and lack of sales from the slowly developing VR market. The intellectual property around the game brand is now to be sold to interested studios.

Developer studio Roqovan closes the doors – Lack of sales and problems around World War Toons

With Roqovan retires a veteran development studio from the VR industry. The Dev team has been present on the market since 2015 and has since developed various VR titles for various VR platforms.

For the development of World War Toons at the time investments of four million US dollars were collected. The carton-like VR adaptation of World War II was released for PlayStation VR (PSVR) and was later to be released for PC glasses. However, due to technical difficulties, the game was removed from PlayStation Store in 2017. This was due to disruptive interactions between 2D gameplay and VR.

The offshoot World War Toons: Tank Up! brought the series to mobile devices such as Gear VR and Oculus Go. The VR dog game Stunt Corgi for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift was released on Steam in 2018. And in September of the same year, the World War Toons game series was to enter the Korean Arcades through a partnership with SNK Corporation in combination with Metal Slug.

However, in this project too, problems arose again that were so serious that no solution could be found. Whether it is technical problems or unsolvable agreements between the partners is not clear. As a result, the Metal Slug content was removed from the VR experience and only World War Toons content was available.

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Commenting on the circumstances of the bankruptcy, James Chung, CEO of the company, told Upload VR:

“In short, our bankruptcy is due to the slow-growing VR market and my personal failure to raise enough money to launch World War Toons. Our game was available for PSVR for about eight months. The main goal was to test gameplay and network issues. Thus, the beta test on the North American region was limited to PS4 alone. We have seen a healthy number of downloads and have developed an internal version of the game that has been enhanced by this trial. But this was never shown to the public. But the production of this version had to be discontinued due to the financing issue already mentioned. “

To save the company, they then tried to refer to the arcade market:

“We tried to enter other areas. And making LBE-based games was our attempt to go through what many people call the “VR Winter”. But we could not divulge much of what we did with Metal Slug because we had some agreements that made it impossible to keep going. These complications meant that we had to drop the intellectual property around Metal Slug and focus only on World War Toons content. “

The resulting bankruptcy was a serious blow to the company, from which it could not recover.

Developer studio Roqovan closes the doors – The farewell

On Facebook, the studio announced the end of the World War Toons IP and the Roqovan studio:

“Studio Roqovan does not exist anymore. We really tried our best to make the game, but it just was not meant to be. “

The brand is now to be sold to a new company. Accordingly, the game in its present form will not continue. However, different game models are to be preserved.

In a farewell post the team thanks its employees and finds maudlin words for the end of the cooperation:

“We were privileged to work with the best people in the industry right to the end. Here are the last crewmembers, with whom we may celebrate the end of our time together. We are extremely grateful for their hard work and dedication to their work and to each other. “


via: Roqovan Facebook

Developer studio Roqovan makes dense; World War Toons IP is resold

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