Oculus published next to the Oculus Rift S at GDC 2019 the successor to the iconic western shooter Dead and Buried 2, which is to appear for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S.

Dead and Buried 2 – Successor to the Western Shooter for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S announced

Dead and Buried was first released in 2016 by Oculus and Gunfire Games for Oculus Rift to present a multiplayer Western shooter with various game modes to the players. Now follows the third part of the shooter series, three years later, to coincide with the release of the next Rift glasses.

Just like its predecessor, Dead and Buried 2 puts its shoot-happy VR players in the familiar Western setting and lets them compete against each other in various cards. So you fire through Western cities and salons and proves who is the best shooter in the city.

There are various game modes, such as a Free-for-All-Deathmatch or a Horde mode against NPCs with different weapons to choose from. In addition to the well-known game variants but also new choices are added. In addition, the successor allows absolute freedom of movement in the virtual duels.

In addition, a social hub will provide interaction opportunities with the community in the future. Accordingly, you can get in contact with other players before the rounds and talk or use different gimmicks to pass the time.

However, one of the key features is likely to be the cross-platform support between the representatives of the PC VR glasses and the upcoming Oculus Quest. Regardless of the selected VR terminal, users can thus play with each other. The cross-buy feature also allows the VR title to be used on both devices after purchase. The latter, however, has not been officially confirmed for the new VR title.

Dead and Buried 2 is due for release in spring 2019 for Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. All games for the Oculus Rift S are of course also playable with the standard version of the Oculus Rift.

Dead and Buried 2 for Oculus Quest and Rift S announced

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