Developer studio Innerspace VR and Vertigo Games (known for A Fisherman's Tale) are once again working on a joint VR project. This time, however, the devs are targeting the VR arcade market with their co-op adventure Corsair's Curse. The VR title will officially appear in the spring of 2019 in the Vertigo Arcades.

Corsair's Curse – Co-op Adventure will be released in spring 2019

In the upcoming room escape adventure Corsair's Curse for arcade facilities, the devs stay true to their fairy-tale setting and put the players back into the familiar puppet environment with changeable proportions from A Fisherman's Tale. The new puzzle adventure, however, is not a lighthouse, but a pirate galleon in the center. Inside the ship, buccaneers have hidden a fabulous treasure that can help brave adventurers gain massive wealth.

But the coveted pirate treasure harbors a dark secret. Instead of gold and diamonds, the two to four players are exposed to an ancient curse. To break this, the players have to face the numerous puzzles in the room-escape-style. As a special trick, the changed size scales are used, which allow players to perform different actions from different perspectives. For example, half of the team is in doll size inside the ship, while other players in original size act in the room. Communication and cooperation are therefore paramount in order to survive the challenges and thus break the nasty curse.

Image courtesy: Innerspace VR | Vertigo Games

A total of 30 minutes of playing time should reveal the VR experience. In the process, the treasure hunters work against the time to escape by skill and deduction the endless existence as wooden dolls. Both locomotion and interaction with the virtual environment should be guaranteed in absolute freedom of movement. With additional 4D effects, such as vibrating walls and wind currents, the immersion should be further enhanced.

Corsair's Curse is due to be released in spring 2019 in VR-Arcades by Vertigo. A VR version for your own four walls should not appear for the time being. Further information will be presented at the upcoming GDC 2019 in March.

Corsair's Curse: co-op arcade adventures by Innerspace VR and Vertigo Games

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