The second large-scale conference CONFERENCE FOR BEST BRANDS for business representatives, marketers and managers of online and offline retail and HoReCa will take place in Moscow on May 27, 2019 in the hall of the Open World Center Expo.

Conference tickets can be purchased through the TimePad platform.

The event will be held in a dynamic TED format: 10 speakers of major brands will perform on the stage and share working digital marketing methods and strategies for selling goods and services. The conference format envisages the use of automation, starting from communication with guests and speakers and ending with the appointment of meetings.

Speakers and partners of the event prepared unique offers and gifts – they will be available in a closed chat bot for all conference guests. In addition, partners are ready to meet personally with each guest and tell you how to effectively implement their digital solution in a specific business area.

Headliners of the conference CONFERENCE FOR BEST BRANDS – Mail.Ru Group, myTarget, MTS Marketer, PJSC MTS Bank, digital-agency Rusmarketing and others.

Invited to participate more than 400 companies operating in the Russian market, representatives of leading retailers, classic business owners and HoReCa, as well as specialized media publications in sales, marketing and retail.

Today, the use of interactive digital channels and digital marketing tools, omni-channel and maximum sales automation with Big Data significantly increases the number of customers and allows you to personalize the offer for a narrowly segmented audience. Leading brands of the Russian market are actively using these tools to build quality service and increase sales.

Actual topics of digital marketing, which will be covered at the conference:

  • How to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign using omnichannel.
  • Working methods of digital marketing and new e-commerce.
  • Effective types of advertising for retail, online business and HoReCa. What parameters affect the success of advertising campaigns.
  • Big Data in advertising: tracking loyalty, preparing segments of the target audience using machine learning.
  • Use contextual targeting and real-time-marketing.
  • Apply whatsapp and digital sales channels as new traffic sources and save your marketing budget.
  • 3D, AR / VR technologies and other creative advertising solutions.


  • Ruslan Osin, head of customer service at myTarget / Mail.Ru Group;
  • Evgeny Paperny, Project Manager for Health and Children;
  • Nadezhda Vershinina, Head of Transaction Products, PJSC MTS Bank;
  • Elena Kaplieva, head of digital marketing at MTS;
  • Ilya Egorov, founder of digital-agency Rusmarketing, DMP provider at Group and developer of Wi-Fi-marketing service (WiFiPlus). Internet Marketing & Growing Specialist.


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CONFERENCE FOR BEST BRANDS conference for business and retail will be held in Moscow

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