Developer Studio Pixelopus releases new information about the forthcoming console title Concrete Genie. Accordingly, the PS4 title to contain two exclusive VR modes and appear in the fall of 2019.

Concrete Genie – Two different VR modes announced

Within Concrete Genie, players can get in touch with a virtual djinn and get to know the mythical creature face to face. The PS4 title revolves around the imagination of a little boy who brings his run-down hometown Denska to new heights thanks to creativity. Young Ash is battling with his classmates. To escape his tormentors, he retreats into his imagination and dedicates himself to painting. So he brings numerous fantastic beings on the canvases and magically brings them to life.

Now developer Studio Pixelopus announces that two different VR modes are integrated into the creative adventure. In the first VR mode, players track the inquisitive jinn Blink under the Denska City lighthouse to re-color the monotonous environment. A unique feature should ensure a special experience, which the responsible people promise.

The second VR mode Free Painting will be available after completion of the first mode and serves as an immersive painting experience in first person perspective. Here players can let their creativity run wild and bring the entire environment to life with vivid color. Whether roads, walls or canals, your magic brush allows you to reinvent the streets of the city according to your own ideas.

At four different locations, you can create such unlockable brushes and creative tools to experiment with. The corresponding tools can be found in the campaign. For control, the PS Move controllers are mandatory.

Concrete Genie will be released in the fall exclusively for PS4 and PS4 Pro in the PlayStation Store.

Concrete Genie: Two different VR modes announced for PSVR

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