Much of what we saw for PSVR has so far focused on originality. The developer seeks to make his own interpretation of this game with an original story. That is why he developed his own armor with the help of comic book artist Adi Granov (who worked on the classic story of Iron Man, Extremis).

But this does not mean that there is no place for nostalgia in the game.

Most superhero games give fans a huge selection of costumes to unlock. With Iron Man, everything is a little different, since many of his armor have completely different functionality. Here are five armors that can be used to diversify the gameplay, in addition to the classic red and gold.


Surprisingly, we never saw this classic Iron Man costume in the movies (only as a small Easter egg). A stealth costume does exactly what it is named after. He removes Tony from the radar, allowing him to penetrate undetected into the guarded airspace. If you have a meeting with a bunch of enemy drones, then this costume can be a great way not to attract attention.

Silver Centurion

Okay, here we are talking more about appearance, and not about functionality. Silver Centurion armor is very reminiscent of the classic ones. However, as we saw in Iron Man 2, it can be used as an emergency suit stored in a briefcase, which can at least give it a narrative basis for appearing in the game.

Hulk Buster

The Hulk himself is unlikely to appear in Iron Man VR (but as we would like!) But in any case, no one would refuse the opportunity to control the Hulk Buster at least once. Tony’s oversized armor is designed to eliminate the most complex threats and has increased strength. This is the armor we definitely hope to see.

Mark I

It’s true, Mark I cannot fly, does not have laser beams and looks rather bulky. But on this basis, you can make a very fun level, right? The ability to walk through an enemy base, destroying targets with improvised weapons, many would like.


Yes, technically this is not an iron man. But the Warrior is an outfit full of weapons, which, although not as science-fiction as Tony, but looks damn funny in action. Shoulder chainsaws and wrist rockets would add a bit of variety to the rest of the game. Make it happen Camouflaje!

Recall that Iron Man VR comes later this year exclusively on PSVR.

Camouflaje’s Iron Man VR will present its own look at Tony Stark’s armor.

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