The Gearbox software has officially added support for the PS Aim controller in Borderlands 2 VR! When the FPS was launched at the end of last year as an exclusive for the PSVR, the omission of a better headset peripheral device, which was designed specifically for shooters, was glaring and strange. Fortunately, this misunderstanding has now been fixed. It is a pity that they probably will never add a cooperative mode.

PS Aim support is included in today’s latest patch, which also introduces some bug fixes and performance optimization. You can read the full patch description here for more details.

“The Borderlands 2 VR update has been released today, including performance optimization and error correction. In addition, we now have support for the PS Aim controller !!! Read more about the patch here.

It seems that the developer still listens to its users, since many changes to the game were made only due to the wishes of the gaming community.

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Borderlands 2 VR now officially supports the PS Aim controller

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