With Boneworks developer Studio Stress Level Zero announced a VR sandbox adventure with hyperrealistic physics engine for PC glasses, which should bring the VR feel to the next level. A first video gives insights into the upcoming gameplay of the VR title.

Boneworks – First Gameplay Video Introduced for Sandbox VR Adventure

Boneworks allows players to interact with the environment in a unique way. The character is considered to be a physical object in the environment, allowing it to interact with the environment under realistic conditions. These game mechanics should create a completely new immersion feeling, since the expectation in the interaction with the virtual environment is completely fulfilled.

This is how all objects and objects in the environment behave the way you would expect them to. For example, light objects can be thrown, while heavy objects can hardly be moved with great effort. The VR title combines puzzle, combat and exploration elements. Players can decide for themselves how to tackle the puzzles and challenges within the game. Creativity to progress is therefore on the agenda.

Now the developers are releasing one of the first levels of the game on the YouTube channel Node to showcase future gameplay elements.

Within the video are presented various possibilities for the combat system in which the sandbox idea comes into its own. Thus, the approaching enemies can be done in different ways. As an example, the player uses his environment by slamming the adversary against the wall or causing two opponents to collide against each other.

In addition to the type of enemy shown in the future more enemies in the game occur. Further information should be presented promptly.

Boneworks is expected to be released on Steam in 2019 for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR glasses.

Boneworks: Gameplay of hyperrealistic VR sandboxing adventure presented

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