Sony released not only a new PlayStation VR (PSVR) milestone as part of its State of Play livestream event, but also numerous upcoming VR titles for console players. The long-awaited follow-up to The London Heist, Blood & Truth, is also getting an official release date. The pre-orders have been opened and a new trailer also provides further insights into the history and the gameplay of the Action Agent shooter.

Blood & Truth – PSVR Exclusive Title officially released on May 28, 2019

Developer Studio SIE Worldwide Studios is releasing Blood & Truth, a stand-alone version of the VR short experience The London Heist from the PlayStation VR Worlds VR demo collection. The VR title was first presented in 2017, after a long development time, the final version has now been presented, which will be available in just under two months.

Within the action shooter, players take on the role of Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks, who rides through the London underworld on a dangerous mission to protect his family from a cold-blooded crime syndicate. With a large selection of weapons you fight numerous crooks and gang members who want you during your breakneck mission to the leather.

In the process, you will become an action hero and with plenty of firepower you will be able to fight through numerous virtual locations on land and in the air. So you experience in James Bond manner different action scenes, such as parachute jumps from an airplane or car chases. There are also various interaction options when solving puzzles. This includes cracking locks or defusing explosives.

A total of five to six hours of playing time is expected in the VR title for prospective agents.

Blood and Truth will officially be released on May 28, 2019 exclusively for PlayStation VR (PSVR). The pre-orders are now open for 39.99 euros in the PlayStation Store.

Blood & Truth: Long-awaited PSVR exclusive title released in late May

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