At the beginning of the year, Bigscreen’s developers announced a slew of new updates to enhance social VR experience. With an upcoming version for Oculus Quest in planning, you will now be provided with additional features and functions for the app. The latest filter update integrates a night mode, additional visual comfort features and an 8-bit and CRT mode for nostalgic friends in the VR title.

Bigscreen – New update integrates 8-bit mode, night mode and visual comfort features

The new filter update visually adjusts the VR experience for a better experience. Accordingly, various comfort modes and adjustments as well as fun filters have been integrated into the social VR app.

Thus, the responsible devs have found that a lot of users use Bigscreen 20 to 30 hours a week and especially at the evening hours. As brightness and blue light through monitors and displays are known to prevent the onset of melatonin and disrupt sleep patterns, the new night mode provides developers with better bed rest after a long VR session. This reduces the emitted blue light to reduce the eye strain.

In addition, fine adjustments of contrast, sharpness, brightness and saturation are now possible to optimally adapt the image to the VR hardware used.

But in addition to comfort features for better health when immersing in the virtual world and the fun factor should not be neglected. So two new fun filters provide for nostalgic feelings through special effects in VR. The 8-bit mode massively reduces pixel density to render the content in the style of old 8-bit graphics.

Bigscreen filter update-social-vr

The CRT filter provides distortion effects and convex distortion to simulate old school gaming graphics as well.

In addition to the innovations, the future plans for the upcoming patches were also revealed. The devs are currently working on publishing an Oculus Quest version of Bigscreen, a friend system, a video player and new environments. Likewise, bug fixes are the order of the day.

Bigscreen Beta is available for free for all PC glasses on Steam and in the Oculus Store as well as Oculus Go and Gear VR.

Bigscreen: New update brings 8-bit and night mode as well as additional filters

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