Bigscreen 2019 update released with Oculus Quest Support

The gigantic 2019 update for Bigscreen was announced in January. Now the developers behind keep the word and publish the promised update with its many new features, functions and improvements for the social VR experience. So there is a cross-platform sweep of upgrades for the popular VR app. These include new environments, avatars, UI revisions, optimized lighting, image and sound effects, and more. In addition, many additional improvements and support for the Oculus Quest to follow the release.

Bigscreen – 2019 update with many new features

The announced update for Bigscreen has been released and provides a complete overhaul of the virtual environment. Accordingly, users can enjoy a new lobby, new cinema environments, dynamic lighting effects for more realistic presentations (even for mobile VR glasses) as well as new avatars with further customization options.

There is also a new menu with optimized design for more intuitive use, new audio drivers for simplified and improved audio streaming, teleporting features for travel and improved image effects. The app has also been optimized for mobile VR glasses. A variety of obligatory bug fixes are also found in the patch notes.

More details please? The new amphitheater gives you a curved view of the screens to give viewers a better view from all positions. It also simplifies conversations with other guests. Especially 3DoF glasses, such as Oculus Go should benefit from it. To further enhance the viewing experience, new real-time raytracing lighting effects deliver an even more authentic cinematic experience. This also applies to mobile VR glasses.

If you want to kill some time or wait for friends to watch a movie together, you can sit in the new lobby. There will also be a virtual ticket to buy tickets in the future.

For better navigation, the new clear menu, which is suitable for both controllers and other input devices. Laserpointing and a simple click perform the desired actions.

Even individualists get their money. The new avatars offer various customization options such as new hairstyles, beards, hats and much more.

The bug fixes and entire patch notes can be found here.

Bigscreen – Upcoming Features and Oculus Quest Support

But that’s not all, because this is the first part of a series of updates. So the developers are working hard on additional features, which should appear in the next few months. The devs announce a friends and party system, a new video player and streaming and performance updates. In addition, there will be, as in the past, other events for common movie nights. Next is the jump from the beta phase in the full release on the to-do list.

And in order to remain available on numerous platforms in the future, Bigscreen should also appear for the release of the upcoming Oculus Quest for the new VR glasses.

Bigscreen 2019 update released with Oculus Quest Support

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