Charge your lightsabers in the Beat Saber and get ready for new music! The first ever paid DLC Music Pack arrives at the Beat Saber in March 2019, according to the official announcement on twitter of the developers of the cult game Beat Saber. It looks like it will be available on both PC and PSVR at the same time.

The developer’s Twitter account says that the “development” of the first music add-on has been completed and that it is almost ready. In this case, now the team will be engaged mainly in the refinement of this supplement to the PC.

“Another milestone in the development of a music DLC for PS VR has been achieved, and we are almost ready! Now our priority is to complete PC development and prepare everything for release. We are very excited! ”

#DevNews: VR Milestone for the VR Pack For your PC. Excited! 🙌

– Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) February 27, 2019

Then, in a reply tweet to someone’s answer, the developers said that the music bandl would be released in March. When the developer did not specify exactly, so maybe we will see it already this weekend, if we are lucky. Back in November, the developers announced that the music bandle (with 10 songs) is under active development. As a result, it is now planned to release more than 30 new songs.

Note that so far all previous songs released since the initial release in the amount of 10 songs were free.

We hope that VRcue will soon learn more about the first paid DLC for Beat Saber, in order to immediately tell about it to its readers.

Beat Saber will receive the first music DLC in March

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