The first paid DLC for the hit title Beat Saber is about to supply PC and PSVR players on March 14 with a total of ten new songs. Two days before the release, the PlayStation Blog EU underwent a faux pas, because Sony’s blog posted the track list without further ado, and thus took the surprise of the upcoming songs. Although the blog entry was deleted after a short time, a zealous Reddit user noted the songs and published them again on the platform. In a tweet, the official devs of the VR title confirm the accuracy of the music package.

Beat Saber – Songlist of the first DLC unveiled: Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1

A leak in the official PlayStation Blog EU announces the ten new tracks of the upcoming DLC ​​for Beat Saber. Despite a swift deletion action on the part of the editors, the Reddit user future_yesterday was able to record the song list and promptly published it on the platform.

The new songs in the Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 are:

  • 14th March
  • Beat Saber
  • We Will not Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) – Feint
  • Boundless – Aero Chord
  • Emoji VIP – Pegboard Nerds
  • Epic – Tokyo Machine
  • Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley) – Muzzy
  • Overkill – RIOT
  • Rattlesnake – rogue
  • Stronger (feat. Emel) – Stonebank
  • This Time – Kayzo
  • Till It’s Over – Tristam

By Twitter, the developers of Beat Saber confirmed the accuracy of the content:

Okaaay guys, what suppose to be a surprise but some of you got too excited about reddit. Monster We’re proudly confirming our very first: Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1! And it’s only 3 days left till the release! HELL YEAH! 🔥

– Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) March 11, 2019

The entire song list is already available for listening in a Spotify playlist.

While the mod-spoiled owners of mixed-feeling PC glasses comment on a DLC within the early-access phase of the game, PlayStation VR (PSVR) console gamers are excited about the new playable content and song-selection expansion.

The first DLC for Beat Saber, Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1, will officially be released on March 14 for PlayStation VR (PSVR) on the PlayStation Store, as well as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR glasses on Steam and the Oculus Store.

Beat Saber: PlayStation Blog is releasing ten new songs from the DLC

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