Good news, lightsabers lovers! Beat Saber Oculus Quest Casting is finally available from today at no additional cost!

The developer of Beat Games simply reported this event via Twitter (as shown below). The quest version of Beat Saber, which was launched with the headset at the end of last month, was one of several games that did not work with Casting. This meant that you could enjoy the thrill of a wireless bit slasher on your stand-alone headset, but you couldn’t share it with your friends in VR. Now you can do it without any problems.

“Hey, Oculus players! From now on Casting is available on your Quest! Hooray!”.

The developer did not specify why the game did not start with Casting, but gave the following comment:

“At first, we needed to solve several aspects. Quest is different from other VR headsets that support Beat Saber. After all, it is an autonomous system, completely self-sufficient, without the need for a PC or smartphone. This obviously makes the game more accessible. However, these same causes create many other problems.

The update comes just before the arrival of the second musical DLC Beat Saber, which will occur on June 10th. We also know that Beat Saber on Quest will receive support for custom songs in some form in the future.

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Beat Saber Oculus Quest Casting is finally available

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