Audica by Harmonix: Beat Saber with pistols

Harmonix announces with Audica a new rhythm shooter, which should appear next month.

Audica announced by Harmonix: Beat Saber with pistols

As you can see in the trailer, the gameplay is quickly explained: Baller in tact to the goals. That such a simple concept can still give great pleasure, Beat Saber has impressively demonstrated in the last year. For the launch of Audica 10 different songs should be available. Currently the following pieces are known:

  • 1788-L & Blanke “Destiny”
  • Alison Wonderland “I Want U”
  • Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love (Afrojack Remix)”
  • James Egbert “The Space”
  • Savant “Splinter”

On March 7, Audica will be released on Steam and Oculus Home for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Windows Mixed Reality Glasses are not yet featured on Steam, but we expect Audica to be playable with these VR glasses as well.

The developers hope that they can bring the game on PSVR and Oculus Quest in the future. This is still open and will depend on the success of the application. We are already curious if Audica will build a community as big as Beat Saber. After all, Audica is already the fourth VR game (Harmonix Music VR, Rock Band VR, SingSpace) from Harmonix.

Audica by Harmonix: Beat Saber with pistols

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