Asgard’s Wrath: First gameplay scenes released

Asgard's Wrath: First gameplay scenes released

Asgard’s Wrath: First gameplay scenes released

Developer studio Sanzaru Games recently released the first gameplay scenes from upcoming VR adventure Asgard’s Wrath for Oculus Rift. In it the Devs present fight scenes, a frog-like companion and the use of its additional functions, the interaction with the environment as well as the collection of objects.

Asgard’s Wrath – First gameplay scenes give insight into upcoming action-adventure

Asgard’s Wrath is a first-person action adventure featuring RPG elements in a fantasy setting around Norse mythology. In the role of a Young God, you move through the chaotic arsenic and help various heroes of the Empire to fulfill their destiny. So you do different quests and tasks, by switching between your gods form and your companion, thereby experiencing fights and solves puzzles and challenges. Now there are first insights into the gameplay of the upcoming VR title, which in the form of a nearly two-minute video provided by the responsible devs:

In it, in addition to the visual design, the combat system is first brought to the fore. Thus, the player fights with sword and shield against some zombies, which he strikes with targeted blows. According to responsible devs, the game is set to a realistic combat system with associated physics engine, whereby various weapons have their own unique handling. Similarly, unlike other RPG games, a sword must swing properly to deal damage. Oculus announced for the first presentation Gore elements, which are implemented by mutilation of opponents. This is shown here in the form of beheadings.

Likewise the interaction with the environment as well as the looting of objects are presented. Chests and doors are opened by realistic hand grips, money sacks and items are put in their own pockets, and life is regenerated by eating food. The momentary picking up and stroking of a rat is also possible for pastime.

A first miniature puzzle is demonstrated by picking up a key to open a locked door. So the coveted object is unreachable by a wall with metal bars, but the solution is a frog-like companion to help. He is called by command to use the key with his tongue. One of the game mechanics is to turn wild animals into fellow combatants through magical deities skills to be on the side of your heroes.

Announcing 'Asgard's Wrath', the Latest from Oculus Studios

Announcing ‘Asgard’s Wrath’, the Latest from Oculus Studios

A total of 30 to 40 hours of game time, the player in the upcoming VR adventure to expect. Asgard’s Wrath is scheduled for release in 2019 exclusively for Oculus Rift. An exact release date is not yet known. The game will be officially demonstrated at the GDC 2019 in March.

Asgard’s Wrath: First gameplay scenes released

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