Apple has relocated Kim Forrath, chief software officer, to the AR glasses team.

Forrat is one of Apple’s longest-running executives. She joined the company as a trainee in 1987, and over the past three decades has worked to lead Apple’s software department. She oversaw the development of original software for the iPhone, as well as all iOS releases since.

According to the report, the goal of this step is to “bring some order” to the augmented reality product team. It is understood that the team was previously at the stage of research and experimentation, while Apple can now increase the supply of the AR product.

The 2014 report suggested that Forrath does not tolerate missed deadlines or excuses. Apple may consider this type of control as necessary if it needs to supply AR glasses on the same timeline as its likely main competitor in the game, Facebook. The social media giant, who acquired Oculus VR in 2014, said earlier this year that its AR development is now “out of the research phase and closer to consumer delivery.” A Business Insider report quoted a source claiming that Facebook AR glasses “looked much more like traditional glasses than the bulky AR headsets offered by Microsoft (HoloLens) or Magic Leap”.

A Bloomberg report in 2017 suggested that Apple’s AR glasses would be presented in 2020, but the source’s report said that “it’s not clear whether this data will meet the deadline.”

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Apple: Forrat to clean up AR department

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