Some time in the next few months, Facebook will launch the Oculus Quest, a stand-alone VR headset with positional area tracking and Oculus Touch controllers.

Quest is primarily intended for people who do not yet own a gaming PC. But if you already have a computer and Rift, you may be wondering if you will have to buy games that you already have for Rift.

Or if Quest becomes your first Oculus headset, you can find out if you need to re-buy the game if you decide to purchase Rift S to log in to the PC VR in the future.

Games that have cross-support:

• Apex Construct
• Dance Central VR
• Dead and Buried
• Dead and Buried 2
• Face Your Fears 2
• I Expect You To Die
• Journey of the Gods
• Moss
• OrbusVR: Reborn
• Robo Recall
• Shadow Point
• Sports Scramble
• The Climb
• Ultrawings

The answer is that the Oculus platform supports cross-purchase, but this factor depends on each developer. Here are all the games that we know with the confirmed cross-purchase so far.

VRcue will tell you about all the developers who support cross-purchase in the future.

“Any Oculus Store game compatible Rift and Quest”

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