Looking for the best Amazon Prime Day VR deals? Shares of the site were held in the UK, and they show savings on PSVR, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and even Oculus Quest.

Prime Day is an annual Amazon event, essentially a sale. It offers reduced prices across the entire range of the site. This year’s Amazon Prime Day surprises with VR prices.

There are two really great deals on Sony’s Sony VR headsets in the UK. For starters, there is a start up PSVR band for £ 179.99 (regular price is £ 234.04). This price is for the PlayStation headset and camera needed to work. There is also a free copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, a compilation of Sony’s mini-games from Sony London.

The best of the two bundles, however, is the PSVR Mega Pack for £ 209 (usually £ 299.99). This generous set includes PSVR, camera, PSVR Worlds, and then four other VR games. Among them are some of the best games in the system, such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Wipeout VR and Skyrim VR. There is also the Doom VFR, which, along with Skyrim and PSVR Worlds, can be played with motion controllers that are not represented in any of the sets.

Facebook and Oculus’ excellent standalone VR headset is too new for its price to drop massively. However, Amazon provides a small bonus for those who take Quest on sales days. You can get a 64GB model at a regular price of £ 399.99 with a free carrying case. Please note that this is not officially the Oculus Quest carry; This is a case from a third-party manufacturer. However, there is a place for headsets and controllers. You can also purchase a 124GB model with a case for £ 499.99.

The first stand-alone Oculus headset can no longer be a novelty in the VR line, but it is still relevant for newbies. The 32GB version is available for £ 159 (usually £ 194), and the 64GB version for £ 209 (usually £ 244). Go is not such an advanced headset as Quest, with restrictive tracking, but it’s a good device for watching VR videos and casual games.

Also in the sale there are several travel cases. Again, this is not an official mark, but you can get a 32GB model for £ 175.99 (usually £ 213.99) and 64GB for £ 225.99 (usually £ 263.99). Not bad!

Surprisingly, it seems that some of the latest available original Oculus Rift headsets are sold. Here you can save a little. You can pick up a PC VR headset for £ 329.99 (usually £ 349.99). This will probably be one of the last opportunities to buy the original version of the device, which was replaced by a more affordable Rift S at the beginning of this year. Some prefer the original tracking solution shown in S.

If you feel like gradually, the offers from Amazon Prime Day VR are disappearing, then we are in a hurry to announce that you have saved the most expensive offers at last. The HTC Vive Pro full kit comes with a Vive and Pro wireless adapter for £ 1,574.99 (usually £ 1,664.98). This is a lot of money, but you get a multifunctional headset. First, the Vive Pro has an improved resolution compared to the original Vive. The wireless adapter, meanwhile, allows you to play games that are untied from the PC via streaming data. Even with all this, however, you can consider the more consumer-oriented Index Valve or the upcoming Vive Cosmos.

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