The countdown of the start of the Oculus Quest continues with five new games, confirmed during the day with one press release. The date is currently unknown, but the set offers both intense action and calm gaming pleasure.

The big news is that the fast-paced rhythm project Thumper will also be available on the headset. Thumper is a little unusual in the genre when you control a beetle racing along a space track bombarded by musical obstacles that can be overcome with the help of commands obeying rhythm. Players can slide around the corners and rush to the sides to stay alive, trying to survive to the end, which also includes mini-bosses.

“When we first started Thumper prototyping back in 2009, gaming in VR was just a fantastic fantasy,” explains designer Drool Mark Flury on the Oculus blog. “We did not realize that our psychedelic experience would feel so perfect in VR. With a completely autonomous device, such as the Oculus Quest, the dream seems complete. Now anyone can experience Thumper in VR without fuss and no compromise. ”

The release of Thumper on the new headset was important news, but do not forget the other four video games: Rush, Fruit Ninja, Bait! and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs. Now, at least, they are officially confirmed as games available on the day of release of the novelty.

As soon as more information about new games for Oculus Quest appears, VRcue will inform you about it.

5 new games added to the Oculus Quest starting lineup.

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