During the “next @ acer” annual conference, Acer announced a new Microsoft-based headset with a 2K resolution per eye (4K in general) and physical adjustment of the lenses.

High resolution, IPD adjustment

The headset is called ConceptD OJO. It uses dual 2160 × 2160 LCD panels. This means that these may be the same panels that are used in HP Reverb. While the reverb lenses are fixed in the desired position, the headset for Acer does allow you to customize them specifically for your interpupillary distance (IPD).

Different people have different distances between the eyeballs. If the separation of the headset lens is too different from your IPD, then studies show that some people may observe blurring, feel eye strain, see distortion, and this may even make some people feel sick. Thus, the ConceptD OJO can be a desirable reverb alternative for users with a narrow or wide IPD.

Audio, data cabling, tracking

The headset is equipped with built-in headphones. Acer describes them as “built-in sound tube technology.” We are not sure if this refers to the secondary audio system when removing headphones. This may simply mean that the headphones work without touching the ear.

Like the Ojo 500, announced back in August, the ConceptD OJO has a collapsible design. Lenses and display can be separated from the main unit. This appears to be intended for arcades and corporate demonstrations where the headset should be cleaned regularly for hygienic reasons.

Like all Windows MR headsets, the ConceptD OJO uses two front-facing cameras for in-built positional tracking. The same cameras track the LEDs on the controllers. This is done for easy and portable installation, but the tracking space is still quite severely limited.

Pricing, market

Acer has not yet announced the price, but the product is targeted at “developers”, so expect a higher price than the original 1440p fixed Acer Acer IP headset. It is unclear whether the old headset will continue to be released or retained as an affordable alternative.

The ConceptD OJO is priced at $ 599, so it is possible that the Acer headset will be higher in cost, given the additional features. VRcue will inform you whenever Acer provides additional information about this exciting new headset.

Acer introduced a headset based on Windows MR

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