V-Racer Hoverbike has another beta multiplayer this weekend

Online VertexBreakers game races will be available again on February 23.

The futuristic racing game V-Racer Hoverbike, which has been in early access since April of last year, will count this weekend (February 23) with a new phase of online multiplayer testing that, according to comments, it is possible that Stay permanently available in the title menu.

“You will see in the menus that we are planning a second weekend of multiplayer tests, we have been holding back the multiplayer mode for a while, since we were worried that the experience was misleading, since the user base is still small. you have convinced us that we should let it go and launch it “, they comment.

Like other games of the style, V-Racer offers racing “flying bikes” in which we can use weapons and accessories to gain an advantage over our rivals, whether those controlled by the AI or other humans thanks to the multiplayer mode. Currently the title already has the so-called asynchronous multiplayer to compete against the “ghosts” of other users.

V-Racer Hoverbike has another beta multiplayer this weekend

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