Tokyo Chronos receives a demo for Rift and Vive

The immersive visual novel of MyDearest and Sekai Project, which had a successful crowdfunding campaign, lands on Steam with a demo.

MyDearest and Sekai Project have announced the launch of the Steam page of their Tokyo Chronos mystery adventure, which comes with a demo they have posted to get feedback from the community. The full version is scheduled to be available on March 20 with support for Rift, Live and PSVR. When they announced the game last year, they also shared that their title would make the leap to mobile viewers, although at that time they only talked about Go.

The game is produced by Kazuma Miki, editor and producer of Sword Art Online. Tokyo Chronos tells a story of mystery that revolves around eight people who are trapped in Shibuya. This is told through a mixture of visual animation and a new comic-style user interface, which is inspired both by the animation and the genre of the visual novel, which results in a new form, as they claim Their creators.

We can download the demo (in English) for Rift and Live through its Steam page.

Tokyo Chronos receives a demo for Rift and Vive

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