A London startup does some pretty interesting things in AR space. They have their own software development kit, the SCAPE SDK, which is slightly different from Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.

Basically, these platforms use GPS information to find where you are in the world, while Scape accesses a massive database of visual signals. The company spent a year or so, traveling to different cities of the world and essentially displaying them numerically through video. Thus, they have a kind of reference point library in different cities of the world, which your phone’s camera can identify and use to determine where it is located.

Scape reports that it is a much more accurate, flexible and reliable way to create geolocation AR content. Today, the company is withdrawing its SDK from the beta version so that developers can start using it.

MMO for AR

Scape has ambitions to release its own multiplayer AR-game, which covers the whole world. Looks like a more futuristic version of Pokemon Go.

Obviously, the company was unable to cover the entire globe like Google or Apple, but the areas that Scape has are rich in information. In fact, a smartphone is just a testing ground for what the company wants to work on in the future. Scape obviously want to focus all their efforts on working with AR headsets, but the company is not going to give in to other areas, such as self-driving cars.

Today, Scape also launches a test application called Pixscape. You can download it on both iOS and Android devices. It will probably take some time before we all use Scape-embedded applications, but this would be a promising prospect.

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Scape launches SDK for more accurate geolocation in AR

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