The recent release of the first paid music add-on DLC Beat Saber brought with it a lot of changes that apply to all players on various platforms, including PCs, for free.

This meant adding a lot of new features and a more polished interface, but it also meant changes in the structure and files of the game in such a way that it blocked existing mods and user downloads of songs by simply breaking them.

Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck at GDC a few weeks ago told about the popular trend of modding the game, as well as about the legality of downloading songs to play inside Beat Saber without issuing royalties to the respective artists. At the moment – it is not like the developers will ever support it in any official capacity, and all game updates are likely to continue breaking mods repeatedly.

Therefore, if you are left without your favorite songs and want to know what you need to do to make the mods work again, we will help you.

Here is a new method that uses BeatMods instead of ModSaber, which is no longer supported.

So what should be done?

  • Download the latest version of BeatSaberModInstaller.exe (2.2.3 at the time of this writing).
  • With the game closed, run .exe, make sure that the game directory is correct,
  • Install the main mods (those that are checked by default, select additional ones if you want).
  • Launch the game and enjoy.

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How to add custom songs and mods to Beat Saber using BeatMods

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