Developer Studio Niantic has already released successful AR games with Pokémon Go and Ingress that entertain a huge fan community. Now, the hit studio, together with WB Games, is transferring its formula to the much-anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, combining AR technology with the magical universe of the well-known wizard from the popular fantasy novels of writer J.K. Rowling. The AR game for smartphones will be released in the near future. Now there are first gameplay insights and the opportunity to pre-register for the early access phase.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Getting gameplay insights and opening the pre-registration phase

The AR title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite brings the magical world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts into real life thanks to AR technology. Thus, players are allowed to grab magic wand and potions, select their favorite house and, like well-known genre reps, tour the real world to accomplish many tasks.

The responsible people have thought about this and explain the unnatural occurrences in the real world with an unknown threat in the world of the wizarding world. So, a disaster is haunting the wizarding world that mysteriously reveals magical artifacts, creatures, humans and even memories in the Muggle world. Therefore, witches and sorcerers from all over the world must come together to solve the mystery of the cataclysm, overcome the confusing chaotic magic that surrounds these magical finds, and bring them back to their rightful place to face the Muggle eyes protect.

Gameplay-wise, magical tracks on a map point the way to the sources of magic and the finds found there. In much-visited places, such as universities and public parks, you will find more of these magical objects. Returning the artifacts to the wizarding world gives players unique rewards. At various points you will also meet popular characters that you need to free from tricky situations.

In addition, hostile monsters and magical creatures await you to defeat with various spells. Accordingly, different patterns are displayed on the smartphone, which must be traced as accurately and quickly as possible. This triggers the known spells and reduces the life of the adversary. At a later date, depending on the time of day and weather conditions different types of opponents appear. Of course, the spells consume your energy, which is why you need to regularly visit inns to rest and provide extra items.

An RPG-related class and progress system allows you to choose between three different classes with different skill trees. These include healers, damage distributors and debuffers. Your various abilities are expandable by fulfilling tasks as well as battles in the world. In a form of raids called fortresses, different players can come together to solve special challenges and thereby receive rare rewards. Again, the fighting takes place in real time.

In addition, the players can find on their journey various items that are usable for the production of magic potions. Also rare portal keys can be found, which you can charge by running around. Once provided with enough steps, you can place them anywhere and build a portal that will take you to iconic locations from the Harry Potter universe in 360-degree surroundings.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released in 2019 for iOS and Android. Pre-registration for the early access phase is now possible in the corresponding digital stores.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Niantic releases gameplay for new AR game

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