Beat Games is a studio that simply does not stop there. This week they not only released a new music band for Beat Saber with licensed music from Imagine Dragons, but also presented 360-degree versions of two new songs (Believer and Thunder) on E3 2019.

As a result, when you first look at the new mode, it is worth noting immediately that the Beat Saber game in the 360-degree mode on the wireless device feels like a completely new game.

You can watch the interview above for a deeper understanding of the design of 360 levels in Beat Saber, but to describe the feeling, we want to characterize this gameplay as something like the difference between standing in front of the TV, imitating dance movements in Just Dance or on the go to the dance floor and control everything by yourself.

One of the great examples is that during one of the tracks you need to quickly drum your sabers to the beat of the music, but instead of just putting them in the form of a stream in front of you, the blocks are cascaded to the sides, requiring you to rotate when you you strike, and then quickly rotate back, literally placing your body in a fluid state. This is pure joy and magic.

We also noticed that during the Beat Saber game in 360 it actually seemed less chaotic, but at the same time more difficult. The reason for this is that the notes are scattered all over my field of view, and not just stacked on top of each other right in front of the player. This increases the difficulty of the game, but eliminates some of the troubles associated with the linear track.

There is currently no release date when the 360-degree levels in Beat Saber will be available, and there is no information on which platforms, other than Quest, they will debut. We also do not know which songs will be performed in 360 format, but it seems that they want to do this for as many tracks as possible.

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E3 2019: Beat Saber in 360 mode on Oculus Quest feels like a new game

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