The Oculus Quest has been on the market for several months now and according to Mark Zuckerberg the hardware is selling like sliced ​​bread. In addition, the users would always acquire new content and actively use the Oculus Quest. But does the quest exploit its potential?

Does the Oculus Quest lag behind its possibilities?

Oculus also has its own store on the Oculus Quest, and it’s already well stocked today. Here, the system does not need to hide from other consoles in the startup phase. And not only the amount of titles is good, but it is also offered a lot of variety. Whether sport, action or adventure: In the Oculus Store most people will probably find a game that will keep them busy longer.

However, if you look more closely, it quickly becomes clear that many games have already been released on Steam or on Oculus Home for the Rift, or at the same time appear for different systems. This is not necessarily bad and secures a larger audience for the developers, but it also ensures that the games are brought down to the lowest common denominator of the systems. Often this leads to games in which hardly the freedom of movement in the room is hardly used. Even sports games like Racket NX, Beat Saber or BoxVR rely on you to stay in one place. From the developers’ point of view, this is certainly a wise decision, but such restrictions restrict the capabilities of the Oculus Quest. So where missing cables promise the boundless freedom, the games offered ensure that we do not have much of the gained freedom. After all, the Quest’s Guardian system could be built on 10m x 10m, and its portability will certainly allow some users to find a place to play content.

Oculus Quest 23

I do not want to say that there are not great titles for the Oculus Quest. But on the contrary. For example, Racket NX is much more fun without wires and portability is a big plus as well. It is a pity, however, that there are currently very few exclusive content for the quest that specifically explores the possibilities of the system.

Does the Oculus Quest lag behind its possibilities?

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