Deadly Burrito arrives at Steam

The Atomic Piñata game created to demonstrate the skills of the studio makes the jump to Steam with Live support.

Following its launch last year on the Oculus platform, Atomic Piñata brings its Deadly Burrito wave game to Steam with support for Rift and Vive. Inspired by the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, the Valencian studio shooter, which continues in early access, can be downloaded for free as it is a demonstration to show the skills of the development team as creators of video games.

Deadly Burrito turns us into Esteban Juanito Armando Sabino de la Rosa Dominguez, a professional burrito eater who dies after eating the hottest burrito in the world. Submerged in the underworld, Catrina, goddess of the Land of the Dead, challenges us to defeat hundreds of her undead servants.

We found the game in Oculus Store and Steam. With feedback from the community, they want to improve the final levels and add music and some sound and visual effects. Deadly Burrito will continue to be free when its early access stage ends.

Deadly Burrito arrives at Steam

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