Crisis VRigade: ANALYSIS

Vrigada specialized in national crises

From the hands of a small (very small) Spanish company with only 4 workers, PSVR comes to this new shooter clearly influenced by old school games like the Time Crisis of decades ago, where we only have to worry about aiming, shooting and hiding behind different coverages to avoid that they reach us.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in times of awards, let’s say we have a title that can never be nominated for a better narrative, direction, characters, technical aspect, sound design, animations … and other categories that could never be chosen, but luckily These “sections” are not everything and this Crisis VRigade is about a game that despite its black dots -which obviously has them- can make us have a great time as long as we understand and accept from the beginning the type of game that is and what it intends to offer us.

Nothing better than distributing lead to overcome the crisis

We started covered behind a car in front of a building full of hostages, assaulted by a large group of enemies who have installed many bombs with a timer that only leaves us 7 minutes to resolve the situation before everything explodes into the air.

Today, we have only this crisis available to solve, although the company has already confirmed 2 more scenarios that will later arrive as free DLCs; and considering his words, the first of them should not take long to arrive.

At all times we must finish with each one of the enemies within our reach, for once managed to move to the next point from where to continue our job of “exterminating” kidnappers.

Once “cleaned” of enemies each place, the transition between the different points of the scenario is automatic and will place us in the next destination after a few seconds with several cuts of images in which we can get an idea of ​​our way through the stage until the next place, and although we would have liked a transition in which we followed fluidly all the movement of our protagonist to the next point, it is still a detail without excessive importance.

In addition to these automatic movements, we must point out that the game does not have any other type of movement through pulsations in the Move or the AIM, and both the turns and the option to bend down must be done physically, since there are no buttons for such use.

Realism or precision

We can make use of two types of control. If we decide on the use of the Move controls, the game bets for a realistic control, where we wield the weapon with one of the hands and use the other to take the loaders of our jacket and introduce them manually in the gun, even being able to hold the Weapon with both hands to reduce recoil.

The other available option is the handling with the AIM controller, which still losing this realism (the load is done automatically when the bullets are finished, or through a button), I personally felt it more precise, and why not say it, a little more simple; that one is already a little older and already had enough difficulty in the game to add also the need to remove empty chargers, pick them up, enter them and load the weapon before continuing shooting.

Both options work well, and it will only be a matter of taste the choice of one or the other.

A game not suitable for the (too) brave

The title is designed to be played standing, giving all the prominence to the shot from different coverages, with an absolute need to crouch continuously behind the furniture or peeking around a corner for fractions of a second to avoid receiving a shot that could decant the assault definitely the side of the kidnappers; so it will be constant the need to kneel on the floor, turn, peek and stay crouched in tension to try to expose ourselves as little as possible to the continuous shooting of the enemy.

Approximately after the first 20 deaths one realizes that on multiple occasions it will be very useful to help us from the “blind shot” by sticking our gun alone, prisoners of the fear of showing also our own head, but this has the implication that in this way they will increase the options of hitting by mistake in some of the pumps installed by all the stage that would make all jump by the airs; what would automatically return us to the initial point of the mission, as in the case of running out of lives, or that the 7 minutes are over before the mission is over.

Here there are no checkpoints and we can not insert a coin anywhere to continue, and although little by little we will feel more secure knowing the position of enemies that will always be in the same place, reaching the end will continue being a great challenge for any player.

Today, once the available level is finished there is not much that makes us return to the game, beyond waiting for the next DLCs (hopefully they will arrive soon), to enter the group of the chosen ones with the trophy to overcome the level (at the date of the analysis about 2% in rookie and 0% in hell), as well as surpassing our local scores, since the online rankings are not yet implemented in the game despite the developers do not rule out adding them later.

Difficult or even more difficult

The game offers us two options of difficulty, which are other than “novice” and “hell”. To clarify these definitions, the dictionary tells us that “novice” usually refers to inexperienced, unskilled or new people; but the reality is that for this type of people, Crisis VRigade will be a very very difficult challenge to overcome; so maybe we should be something more like what in NBA is known as the “rookie of the year” to be able to pass this game easily without sweating the big straw to get it, something like the 1960 Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan 1985 or the Luka Doncic of this same year.

With this I do not mean to have the difficulty “broken”, but we will have to be very clear that it is a game for lovers of challenges in which to overcome it we must forget to adopt the role of Rambo, and instead worry of hiding us continuously and playing with a head, being very careful with the where and when we decided to look out to find and shoot enemies.

The difference between difficulties is that we will die at the third impact on the lowest difficulty and after a single impact on the option reserved for superheroes of the controls.

Minimalism at the service of sharpness

Technically, the study was decided by a cartoon style with very marked polygons that reminds us of titles like Rec Room or Perfect Sniper, and although this is completely different from the realistic cut offered by other titles, we can say that thanks to this decision We gain a lot in sharpness, which makes distant enemies perfectly visible.

With this we do not want to praise a very simple aspect as much in the technical thing as in the artistic thing, as well as animations equally simplified to the maximum; but we must also point out the pros that we have found in this decision when it comes to enjoying what the game wants to offer us in terms of the mechanics of pointing and firing.


Seldom 7 minutes of game have been so well taken advantage of, and that is that we are facing a game that although the analysis date has a unique scenario with very simple graphics, thanks to its fun mechanics can keep us hooked for much longer, repeating the mission over and over again until the level is exceeded.

As if this were not enough, it comes at a reduced price, so if you are surprised by what we have in the analysis, this Crisis VRigade may be a title to be taken into account.

The game has been analyzed with PSVR on a PS4 PRO.

Crisis VRigade: ANALYSIS

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