A video game will be released next month worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

Augmented reality video games for smartphones are becoming more common thanks to ARKit and ARCore. Developers pay particular attention to the gameplay based on location. There are several projects linked to well-known franchises such as Ghostbusters World, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and The Walking Dead: Ourworld. Next month, the comedy sci-fi franchise Men in Black (MIB) will get its own AR Men in Black: Global Invasion experience, so you can run and hunt aliens.

Like the other AR games mentioned, Men in Black: Global Invasion aims to get players to get off the sofas and go outside, combining games and some healthy exercises. Thanks to iconic characters and weapons from the original MIB films, as well as the latest Men in Black: International, players will be able to catch lone aliens roaming the earth.

In this way, players can roam around an alien point or go to certain places, such as attractions, to further increase their chances of catching a strange creature. After the capture, you can begin to build your own alien team to fight rogue agents in turn-based team battles. In total, the game already has more than 40 aliens from the MIB universe, each of which has its own unique abilities and battle characteristics.

To coincide with today’s announcement, the developer of the Ludare Games Group, in partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, offers pre-registration rewards related to the number of players that register. Two rewards have already been unlocked, but two are still available. The latest reward is Ionhibitor, the iconic rifle from the original MIB movie, often used by agent K. Ionhibitor will be unlocked for all players after reaching 100,000 subscriptions.

Just like when launching Pokemon GO or Reality Clash, Men in Black: Global Invasion was released in beta so that developers could fix the problems that arose. The September release will be the official launch worldwide, but if you live in the UK, the game is already available for download through the Google Play store. Men in Black: Global Invasion will support both Android and iOS devices that support AR.

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