The Tilt Five desktop AR project is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter with a $ 299 bail promising a 31.5-inch square game board and AR points for 2020.

The developers of the Tilt Five project plan to reach the goal of $ 450,000. AR glasses are equipped with tracking equipment and small projectors that work as part of a “patented optical system with a 110 ° field of view.” It emits rays of light on the board, which in turn reflects it back into the eyes. For $ 359 for the Tilt Five XE Kit, it promises a whiteboard that comes with a stand and extension so that the 3D AR effect can have some kind of vertical projection.

An example is shown here:

There is also a donation level of $ 879, which guarantees the investor 3 pairs of points. In this way, up to three players can “connect to a PC host or mobile device using a standard USB3 peripheral device” for a shared multiplayer game. Support levels also include access to a software development kit so developers can begin building their system.

“We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that combines what you love in video games and board games. And we wanted it to be always fun, regardless of when you play alone, with friends, or even when you are separated by a distance, ”says Jerry Ellsworth, co-founder and CEO of Tilt Five, in a statement on the Kickstarter page.

The Kickstarter page promises a set of “free introductory” games that are said to run on Windows and Android devices, as well as games from content partners, including Fantasy Grounds, a virtual desktop system that sells officially licensed add-ons for games like Dungeons & Dragons.

The next video provided by Tilt Five is said to be “shot through the lens” of the system and demonstrates how it works.

The Tilt Five is the next generation of a new AR system called CastAR, which received more than $ 1 million in funding from Kickstarter back in 2013. This company went through a series of transformations over the past few years and never eventually released the promised product, but offered to return the money to those who had invested.

Hardware projects on Kickstarter often run into problems, since the risk of failure may be higher due to the requested amounts required for the project. Tilt Five says they did “extensive prototyping,” as well as “several pilot launches,” and their “Risks” section on the Kickstarter page says they “promise to be completely transparent about any issues that arise and will do their best.” to solve them quickly. ”

A promising AR desktop appeared on Kickstarter

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