Do you use the Unreal Engine for spatial computing in an application? Then this is news to you.

Epic Games has been actively making offers to the video game development community over the past few years, first with the Unreal Dev Grants initiative, and then with the new Epic MegaGrants program that appeared last month. Today, the company announced a new partnership with Magic Leap, offering 500 Magic Leap One Creator Edition headsets for the creators of the Unreal Engine.

Because this initiative is grants-based, if you are a developer working on spatial computing applications in the entertainment, architecture, automotive, healthcare, and other industries using the Unreal Engine, you can apply for the Magic Leap One Creators Edition free headset. It is completely free and saves $ 2,295.

“Epic MegaGrants allows developers to implement new goals and raise the bar for what they can accomplish, and we are pleased to support this initiative by making Magic Leap One Creator Edition available to authors working in spatial computing,” said Rio Caraeff, the main content director, Magic Leap in a statement. “Transferring these devices directly into the hands of promising developers, along with a financial grant from Epic, will help accelerate the development of the industry and lead to new innovations.”

There is no deadline, grants are provided on a flexible basis, and equipment is provided in the order of receipt of applications, based on the merits of the project. So the sooner you apply, the better.

“We are thrilled that Magic Leap offers its support to Epic MegaGrants with this generous distribution of 500 Magic Leap One Creator Edition devices that offer incredible opportunities to explore applications from digital people to product design,” said Simon Jones, director of Unreal Engine Enterprise, Epic Games. “Being able to get this equipment as part of Epic MegaGrants means that more money can be spent in other areas, so developers have more financial flexibility and freedom to create.”

Epic MegaGrants is a completely new program with a budget of 100,000,000 US dollars to support any developer using the Unreal engine. In addition to free Magic Leap headsets, studios can apply for grants ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000. Plus, they will continue to own their IP.

When further details are announced, VRcue will let you know.

500 Magic Leap One Creator Edition headsets will be distributed as part of the Epic Mega program …

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