Magic Leap Star Wars: Project Porg to be released soon

Star Wars: Project Porg was first demonstrated at the L.E.A.P., the first developer conference of Magic Leap. Now there is news about the AR title for the Magic Leap One, because via Twitter ILMxLab announces the upcoming release of the Star Wars app.

Star Wars: Project Porg – AR app for Magic Leap One will be released soon

The Star Wars: Star Wars: Project Porg was originally scheduled to be released in December 2018, but after a delay, the release is scheduled to follow soon for the Magic Leap One. Similar to the fictitious creatures from the Star Wars universe, the AR project is slipping into the near future, as Disney’s ILMxLabs announced.

The AR experiment is designed to allow players to domesticate the cute creatures of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. For this, you must win the trust of the little bird creatures and give them affection and pats. By feeding snacks, the little animals prefer fish, you create a bond between you and your protege and then you can play with the big-eyed companions. The iconic robot C3-PO will be there to guide you to tackle the breeding of the Porgs properly.

An exact release date is not yet known.

Magic Leap Star Wars: Project Porg to be released soon

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