Madefire: create interactive comics for Magic Leap One

The creators of the interactive digital comic book Motion Books 3D from Madefire have released an app for Magic Leap One. It makes it possible to publish three-dimensional comics for augmented reality glasses and read the works of other authors from the built-in catalog.

The Madefire development tool is designed to quickly produce multi-layered graphic files, a kind of three-dimensional comics that react to movements, transmitting to the reader sound, visual depth and parallax, that is, changing the apparent position of objects relative to the background depending on the position of the observer.

To create such 3D comics, no programming skills are needed. Artists can view the changes “almost in real time”, adding spatial sound and making the most of 3D space.

The Madefire app is available for free download at the Magic Leap World store. The comic book catalog includes works by DC, Marvel, Blizzard, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Archie, as well as works by independent authors and limited editions.

Madefire: create interactive comics for Magic Leap One

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