LEGO launches new games thanks to augmented reality!

With the improvements brought by Google and Apple, augmented reality, passionate more and more companies. Proof is with startups like Wannaby, but also big names like the Danish giant toy LEGO, which offers interesting applications. Indeed, the experience developed by LEGO provides access to a new game world, all in AR!

The LEGO app, a real adventure!

At the end of 2017, the LEGO giant launched into the world of augmented reality with an application that gave life to the brand’s toys, such as dinosaurs or dragons. A few months later, the Danish company tries once again the challenge of the AR, offering a unique experience around a range of products that will offer several experiences in AR to the user.

Concretely, LEGO announced the creation of a brand called “Hidden Side”, which will offer under this name as well the brick games but also the mobile application. To launch the experience and take part in the adventure, it will be enough to have downloaded the program on a smartphone compatible AR, then to point your smartphone towards the game LEGO. Depending on the range of toys purchased, your phone will come alive in many different ways and interact with toys and your environment!

In total, eight sets will be offered for sale under the brand name “Hidden Side”. On the program, you will find places like a laboratory, a cemetery, a restaurant, a school but also means of transport such as a truck, a boat or a bus. There is also a version “Ghostbusters” of the application, which, with the eight sets will reveal much more than just scenes of game in AR, as a haunted city that will save!

LEGO launches new games thanks to augmented reality!

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