LEGO Hidden Side: LEGO meets AR in August 2019

Already at the WWDC 2018 the LEGO AR Playgrounds were presented, which brought the LEGO kits with ARKit 2.0 and multiplayer functions to life. Now there are offspring in the AR-LEGO assortment, because in August 2019 a total of eight new kits with AR app support are to be released. The LEGO Hidden Side combine traditional brick making with AR technology to underpin the experience with a narrative spooky universe.

LEGO Hidden Side – Eight LEGO sets with AR support will be released in August 2019

With LEGO Hidden Side, those in charge want to create a new gaming experience, as classic LEGO builds meet modern AR technology. In a total of eight different sets, the basic constructs will first be erected to be brought to life with the help of a smartphone and an AR app.

The whole thing is set in the spooky setting, which is why the universe of Newbury has to be released in a digital story by the players of nasty ghosts. For this, the various kits each tell their own story, in which the players redeem the buildings from their affliction. Players take on the role of Jack or Parker in a first-person perspective and encounter interactive game elements and some surprises during the digital tour to ensure an immersive experience.

Tom Donaldson, Senior Vice President of the Creative Play Lab of the LEGO Group, describes the development of the project as follows:

“Our years of experience and pioneering technology and physical play have taught us that children expect exciting gaming experiences that seamlessly move between the physical and the digital world – something we call fluid play. In essence, we continue to focus on tactile building, but use the AR to create new opportunities for the physical LEGO game and combine it with additional action elements. For this, we break up the previous form of AR experience to create a new kind of game where the physical world actually influences the AR level, not the other way around. ”

The associated free hidden-side app should also provide its own game, which should be extended with additional challenges and procedurally generated elements to provide a longer-term gaming experience.

The LEGO sets are due in August 2019 in the worldwide shelves. The app should appear for iOS and Android promptly and free of charge in the corresponding digital stores.

LEGO Hidden Side: LEGO meets AR in August 2019

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