Augmented reality turns out to be a powerful marketing tool in the hands of the right brands, and the world famous alcohol producer Jack Daniel’s today represents one of the most powerful applications of this technology. Developed by Tactic, the company’s AR application turns the classic black and white front label of any bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee into an appropriate pop-up book, educating consumers about the company and the brand.

Designed exclusively for adult users (21 years), the free app uses a smartphone or tablet camera to recognize the form of an alcoholic beverage: from a 50 ml miniature to a huge 1.75 l bottle size. The photorealistic version of the front label is then synchronized with the position of the real bottle, unfolding to reveal stylized objects, text and effects.

There are three experiences. Firstly, it is a step-by-step explanation of the whiskey production process, including everything from water sources and wort grinding to drum making, fermentation, and distillation processes. Each step looks like its own little diorama.

Then a wider view of the company’s distillery. The latter is a collection of stories about the “man himself,” Jack Daniel. All content is the voice narrated by Sam Elliot’s baritone for the added atmosphere of old American authenticity.

If you already have a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on hand or you have found a bottle in a store, it’s impressive that you can learn much more about the product and brand by simply looking at your phone’s screen. The only limitation – and probably intentional – is that you cannot get an AR experience without actually buying or otherwise having one of these bottles on hand. A flat 2D scrolling style of textual content is all you can see if you don’t have the bottle itself.

The Jack Daniel’s AR Experience app is now available for iOS and Android devices. The application will require the user to enter his date of birth before the first launch, as the content in it is not intended for persons under 21 years old.

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Jack Daniel’s AR application turns whiskey bottles into small 3D dioramas

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