Google Maps in augmented reality finally arrives on Android!

A few months ago, we showed you a future update of the Google Maps mobile app, including interesting features in augmented reality. After several months of waiting, this update arrives very soon on Android smartphones! Among these novelties, initially reserved for “Local Guides”, we find elements AR that will simplify our lives …

Google Maps in AR, it’s coming soon …

At the Google I / O conference in May 2018, the US giant introduced a new version of Google Maps, the flagship mobile navigation application and PC, which has evolved greatly over time. To follow the current trend of the market and to improve the user experience when browsing, Maps is equipped with features in augmented reality on smartphone. Let’s discover the final features in this article.

Specifically, the use of these features is quite simple. Just open the app to be detected by GPS. To get the information you need to get to the destination, Google Maps will use your smartphone’s camera and Street View data. With this data, arrows will appear on your screen in AR to indicate which direction to take. Thus, it will be more complicated to get lost on the way, the application guiding you with great precision.

It should be noted, however, that this feature is intended for foot navigation and does not replace “classic” navigation. In other words, after a few seconds of use, Google Maps invites you to switch back to “classic” mode, to preserve the autonomy of your smartphone and avoid any accident. To do this, the screen will darken, forcing the user to return to conventional navigation. Thus, the application would be intended to initiate a journey rather than doing it completely in AR.

A feature still in development

Even if these novelties are very interesting, the AR features of Google Maps are currently only available to certain users. Indeed, Google is still working on this project, and continues to test it on users handpicked: the “Local Guides”, who write opinions on certain places. Once Google satisfied, the final version will be available to all …

For now, we do not know more about the release date of this update. However, we can estimate that it will be available for all Android users this year …

And you, what do you think of this augmented reality feature?

Google Maps in augmented reality finally arrives on Android!

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