The Vuzix company rather quickly set up production of Blade augmented reality glasses, worth 1099 euros. In this case, the solution is positioned as a consumer device.

In honor of this event, the company introduced new applications that are already available for installation through the company application store. The first was named Yelp and is an interactive search for a pizzeria or a barber shop. AccuWeather Globe 3D will tell you about the weather in detail, and News will provide you with the latest news from CNN, NPR, Google News and Reuters. In turn, the Sports app will quickly show you all the necessary information about sports matches.

As you can see, all content is focused on the simple user, which means that the Blade audience continues to cover ordinary consumers. However, the company makes the same marketing mistake as Google.

Firstly, new augmented reality glasses have a rather high cost and it is unclear what functionality they include: toli is a replacement for smartphones, toli is a smart watch. In addition, the Blade design is far from being ordinary glasses, which automatically ranks the media as freaks or geeks.

Blade content is not something unique either. Weather forecast, score of your favorite team in a sporting event or you can look through the news on the same smartphone in a more convenient format.

In general, Blade follows in the footsteps of its failing fellow from Google and, apparently, is not going to turn off this track.

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Applications for Vuzix Blade repeat the mistakes of Google Glass

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