YURfit plug-in: Calorie counter for Beat Saber and VR games

The start-up YUR (“why you are”) is releasing a new digital plug-in for use with VR apps. The virtual calorie counter YURfit is designed to collect data on VR sports and games and provide an overview of calories burned. How this works is shown by those responsible for the VR rhythm track Beat Saber.

YURfit – Plug-in for counting calories in VR sports and games

YUR’s virtual calorie counter runs in the background and analyzes the tracking data generated by the movement of the motion controllers and VR glasses. As a result, the app calculates the approximate calorie consumption when playing the VR titles. A similar principle that smartwatches use in step counting.

In the future, a mobile app will also be provided to synchronize the data with other health apps, such as Apple Health for iOS, thereby coordinating the daily workout. For permanent use in VR experience, the developers would have to integrate the plug-in of the start-up into their own VR titles.

YURfit – Calorie consumption on Beat Saber

How the whole thing looks in practice, show the Devs on the hit hit Beat Saber. The rhythmic VR game is known for its high calorie consumption and physical activity while playing. The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercises, for example, showed that a game of musical block cutting equals the energy consumption of a game of tennis. And the personal success story of a young father proves how you can lose over 80 kilograms in the VR workout with saber wings.

Inspired by this story, Cix Liv and Dilan Shah founded fitness start-up YUR. Since many gamers are not even aware that top VR games are quite helpful for losing weight, they have developed the plug-in YURfit. The indicated calorie consumption is intended to motivate muffle to move more and actively to operate. And to enable this in a playful way, is probably the best motivation, as Cix Liv describes:

“Gaming and fitness have always been my two biggest passions. Our software allows our users to combine both. ”

The calorie counter is available as a mod for free on the company’s official website. For installation the Mod Saber installer is recommended. We have provided a guide for installing modifications here.

YURfit plug-in: Calorie counter for Beat Saber and VR games

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